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Hollywood Stuntman Reveals Performance Secrets || PLANT CEO #84
In this captivating episode, we sit down with Jack Jagodka, an accomplished Vegan Stuntman and Actor with an impressive portfolio including roles in renowned productions such as Indiana Jones: Dial of Destiny, Rogue One A Star Wars Story, Eternals, Wonder Woman, Fast X, The Legend of Tarzan, and Game of Thrones.

Jack takes us on a journey through his personal evolution in dietary choices, sharing the pivotal moments that led him to embrace a vegan lifestyle. His commitment to optimal health is underscored by a thorough Hair, Nail, and Tissue analysis, coupled with a diligent blood check. The results were eye-opening, revealing the adverse effects of a meat-centric diet, including bloating and elevated blood pressure.

Undeterred, Jack experimented with a pescatarian diet, only to encounter challenges posed by excessive mercury levels in his bloodstream. Transitioning to a vegetarian diet brought its own set of issues, notably stomach discomfort due to lactose.

Ultimately, Jack found his equilibrium a decade ago with a vegan lifestyle, and he hasn't looked back since. Tune in to discover the nuances of his dietary choices, glean insights into his training regimen, and explore some of the most memorable stunts from his illustrious career in the world of cinema. Jack's story is a testament to the transformative power of conscious living and its profound impact on one's well-being and professional success.

More people are choosing to follow plant-based diets or are reducing their meat intake. Exciting new startups are developing alternatives to traditional meat, dairy and seafood products. Whether it be food, fashion or health and beauty, there are companies that are trying to change the way we consume products whilst reducing the impact on the planet. Hear from some of the inspirational entrepreneurs who are leading the way forward.
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