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Tofurky Acquisition with Founder Seth Tibbott || PLANT CEO #83
In this episode we talk to Seth Tibbott Founder, The Tofurky Company. Seth has an amazing story to tell of how he created his family run business 42 years ago when nobody knew what tempeh or even veganism was. He found success with his hero product, the Tofurky holiday roast - the tasty alternative to the Thanksgiving/Christmas Turkey Roast.. The company then went on to create multiple products from deli slices, sausages, burgers etc. They also spawned out a diary-free sister company called Moocho with shredded cheese and a range of soft cream cheese flavours. Fast forward to today and his company has just been acquired by one of their supply partners called Morinaga Nutritional Foods. Find out what it means for the company.

More people are choosing to follow plant-based diets or are reducing their meat intake. Exciting new startups are developing alternatives to traditional meat, dairy and seafood products, Whether it be food, fashion or health and beauty there are companies that are trying to change the way we consume products whilst reducing the impact on the planet. Hear from some of the inspirational entrepreneurs that are leading the way forward.
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