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Veggie Grill's new concepts for growth || PLANT CEO #78
In this episode we talk to T.K. Pillan Chairman and Founder of Veggie Grill. Veggie Grill is the largest fast casual plant based restaurant chain with 33 locations across the US. They have launched two new concepts which they are planning to role out further this year. The first is 'Stand Up Burger' a traditional burger and shake restaurant and 'Más Veggies Vegan Taqueria' a Mexican delivery and pickup only offering. With all three offering tasty, cruelty-free and sustainable convenience food. We hear more about the growth plans for this year and T.K's own journey to create Veggie Grill. T.K. is also a Founding Partner at Power Plant Partners a VC company that has invested previously in Beyond Meat, Ripple Foods and more recently Miyoko's Creamery and The Coconut Calab.

More people are choosing to follow plant-based diets or are reducing their meat intake. Exciting new startups are developing alternatives to traditional meat, dairy and seafood products, Whether it be food, fashion or health and beauty there are companies that are trying to change the way we consume products whilst reducing the impact on the planet. Hear from some of the inspirational entrepreneurs that are leading the way forward.
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