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Cell-based Pet Food with Because Animals || PLANT CEO #68
Shannon Falconer CEO and Co-Founder of 'Because Animals' talks about the future of Pet Foods. Starting with explaining what the problem is with the Pet Food industry today. How the vast majority of pet food is made of what is known as 'Fallen Animals' and as she refers to as the 4 D Meat; Dead, Diseased, Dying and Disabled. These animals never make it to slaughter as they die during transit from dehydration and suffocation and therefore are not fit for human consumption. 25% of all emissions from the animal agricultural industry is attributed to pet foods. Hear about Shannon's solution to this by creating sustainable and nutritionally complete cat and dog with a focus on cell-based meat.

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More people are choosing to follow plant-based diets or are reducing their meat intake. Exciting new startups are developing alternatives to traditional meat, dairy and seafood products, Whether it be food, fashion or health and beauty there are companies that are trying to change the way we consume products whilst reducing the impact on the planet. Hear from some of the inspirational entrepreneurs that are leading the way,
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